Orthotic Services

Orthotic devices, sometimes called “orthotics” are customised shoe inserts that are prescribed following a Biomechanical examination.

A 3D Scan of your foot is made with the foot held in its anatomically correct position, this is then used to make a model of your foot. Once the model of your foot is made the orthotic device is manufacture to assist in maintaining correct positioning of your foot and alignment of the feet, legs and hips.

Many types of orthotic devices are used. They can be firm or soft, depending on the condition being treated, the activities performed, footwear worn and the size of the individual. The style of orthotic device used will be discussed with you to ensure that it will give you the most accurate correction possible and the best outcome for your specific condition.

3D printing is currently being used to produce state of the art orthotic devices with minimal wastage during production.